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» » CEU Compendia: Plant Health Care

CEU Compendia: Plant Health Care

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CEU Compendia: Plant Health Care Description

The CEU compendia are designed to further your arboriculture education, whether you are in search of a concept review or looking to strengthen your knowledge of arboriculture by reading these collected articles for the first time. Each compendium is a compilation of previously published CEU articles from 1993 to 2002. The articles have been sorted into seven different major categories and can be purchased separately or as a set. Even if you’ve read an article and earned credits on it in the past, you can still submit answers for more credit (questions have been revamped from their original publication). (©2003, softcover, spiral-bound, color illustrations and photos)

Plant Health Care (8 articles; 7.5 CEUs)

Each book contains multiple articles. One answer sheet per article is included with the book. Additional answer sheets are available for purchase. Use order #W1529-PLEASE SPECIFY BOOK TITLE AND ARTICLE NAME FOR EACH ANSWER SHEET YOU WISH TO ORDER.

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