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» » CEU Compendia: Trees & Their Environment

CEU Compendia: Trees & Their Environment

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CEU Compendia: Trees & Their Environment Description

The CEU compendia are designed to advance your arboriculture education, whether you are reviewing a specific concept or wishing to generally improve your knowledge of arboriculture by reading these collected articles for the first time. Each compendium is a compilation of previously published CEU articles from 1993 to 2002. The articles are sorted into seven major categories and bound, and each of the seven books may be purchased separately or as a complete set. Even if you have earned CEU credits from studying these articles in the past, you may still submit answer sheets for additional credit, as the questions have been revised from the original publications. CEU Compendia articles may be submitted only once during the life of your certification.(©2003, softcover, spiral-bound, color illustrations and photos)

Trees and Their Environment - 9 articles; includes 1 answer sheet per article 8.5 CEUs (A, M, T, Bm) or 7 CEUs (U)

Each book contains multiple articles. One answer sheet per article is included with the book. Additional answer sheets are available for purchase. Use order #W1529-PLEASE SPECIFY BOOK TITLE AND ARTICLE NAME FOR EACH ANSWER SHEET YOU WISH TO ORDER.

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